The Crimson Path Society, Inc.

Spiritual Counseling is the practice of helping persons to remove the stumbling blocks that keep them from experiencing spiritual health. Spiritual Counseling is not psychotherapy, financial planning, fortune telling, or occult/new age.

What is Crimson Path Spiritual Counseling?
In the technical sense of the term, Crimson Path Spiritual Counseling is that function of the sacred ministry to guide faithful Crimson Daughters to the attainment of eternal happiness. The Crimson Path Society, Inc. exercises this function both in its public activity, whether in word or tweeting, and in the private guidance of young women according to their individual needs; but it is the private guidance that is generally understood by the term "spiritual counseling."
The Five Steps of Crimson Path Spiritual Counseling
  • We admit that we are powerless over sin and that our lives are unmanageable.
  • We are turning our wills and our lives over to the care of Hunab Ku (God)  who works through spiritual counselors.
  • We admit to Hunab Ku, to ourselves, and to our Spiritual Counselors the exact nature of our wrongs through an Examination of Conscience.
  • We seek to the restoration of our spiritual health through penance and good works,

CLARIFICATION The Matoc Nation is not a Native American Tribe. We have never applied for either State or Federal recognition as a Native American Tribe because we do not fit their criteria either now or in the future. The Matioc Nation is not currently afilliated with any established Jewish Denomination. This clarification does not preclude indvidual Native Americans, Jews, Blacks, etc. from converting to our religion or contributing to our gene pool as the process of our ethnogenesis as a new ehtnoreligious group precedes.


The following are named projects operated by the Crimson Path Society, Inc.:

  1. The Kavuyido Language Institute